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Social Anxiety: What is it? Do I have it? Diagnosing
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Social Anxiety Disorder

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What is Social Phobia?

Social Phobia / Social Anxiety is a disturbance characterized by intense anxiety in social contact situations in which the person has to perform, such as speaking, singing, and expressing feelings. Anxiety can be expressed in several ways; for instance, through intensive inner restlessness, as a state of panic, or as some physical manifestation such as heavy hand sweating. There are, however, two fundamental characteristics of Social Phobia anxiety: feeling an urgent need to flee the situation and, once out of it, acknowledging that this fear is irrational .

Despite wishing to contact people and to be with them, one's intense threated feelings prevents this. Generally, the person sacrifices in order to withstand this ill feeling, but, in time , she becomes convinced that such sacrifices are useless. Feelings of threat and fear and physical manifestations are the aspects most visible to the person. But they are all just a set of signs and symptoms of the interaction of complex inner-forces.

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A more in-depth analysis reveals the existence of contradictory feelings as well as distorted judgment about oneself, others, and the world. For instance, the person can describe his boss as affable, yet admit a great fear when speaking to this same boss. Perceiving such distortions and understanding their irrationality does not suffice to eliminate one's fear or, rather, anxiety.

Further-detailed observations reveal a history in which negative experiences with others, especially those of greater social significance (such as parents), override positive experiences, for instance when parents very frequently point to supposed defects or faults and do not recognize merits. Social Phobia can be observed from many angles and on different levels.

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