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Shyness: What is it? Do I have it? Diagnosing FAQ Find Help Test Your Knowledge Speaking with a Pro
Social Anxiety: What is it? Do I have it? Diagnosing
FAQ Find Help Test Your Knowledge Speaking with a Pro

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Do I have it?
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Consultation with a Professional

If you think you have Shyness, probably you have many questions and doubts on this matter. It is important to discuss them with a professional who is knowledgeable on such issues. This raises two initial questions:

-- Which professional you should look for?
-- How should you act during the appointment?

Choice of a professional - You will find many well-qualified professionals who can help you. One of the things you must do prior to the appointment is to learn the differences in approaches differences among professionals. Some basic information can be found on this website.

Some criteria to select a professional - Some suggestions follow. They do not exhaust the subject, but they are a good start in the selection process.

-- Read the professional's curriculum.
-- Try to secure references for him or her from professionals in related areas.
-- Seek to contact a client or former client of this professional for further information.

Unless you have personal reasons, therapy can be with a professional of either gender. Research shows that results are identical whether the therapist is a female or a male.

You will enjoy this
psychological suspense

How to act during the appointment - Your first appointment should mean no necessary commitment towards others. During the appointment, you will assess several things prior to starting therapy. Next, find some questions for your reflection before going to this appointment.

Frequently asked questions - Common themes include whether Shyness is a disease, whether it curable, and what to do in order to overcome the problem. Prior to the appointment, you can secure some information on topics such as this in Shyness - Questions and Answers.

How to act during the first appointment - It is important that you lay out as clearly as possible what happens to you in social situations, providing examples and detailing your feelings in the various situations. Tell your professional when you realized there was a problem, whether there have been changes in the intensity of the symptom since then, whether this has influenced your life, and how you have dealt with the problem. How the professional deals with you may hinge considerably on such information, hence, it is important to prepare yourself. Inform the professional that you are maintaining initial contacts in order to decide with whom you will do the therapy.

Questions you must ask - In this initial appointment, you must ask very objective questions, such as:

-- What is my diagnosis? Do I have mild, moderate or severe Shyness, or is it something else altogether?
-- Do I have to undergo therapy?
-- What therapy alternatives do I have?
-- How do you work in cases such as mine?
-- What is the estimated therapy time?
-- Will I need to take any medication?
-- What is the approximate treatment cost and how is payment made?
-- Do I have any alternative to resort to my health plan?

If you decide to hear another professional's opinion, your choice, on the end, must be in favor of the one you trust most.

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