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Social Anxiety: What is it? Do I have it? Diagnosing
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Glossary of Terms

Causes of Shyness

Shyness has multiple causes. However, except for possible genetic factors, it may be said that Shyness is the result of a process. This process can be explained in several ways, depending on the psychological current followed by the professional. Each current emphasizes a set of factors or causes to develop Shyness or any other psychological problem.

Inasmuch as it is impossible to list all these psychology currents and then explain how each one describes the psychological process, this website is restricted to its author's eclectic vision. Thus, some causes are listed, such as the following:

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psychological suspense

Parents or one of the parents is plagued by Shyness.
- A parent's own self-depreciation leads to depreciating or not trusting her child.

Parents-or one of them-is very aggressive. This imparts to the child a vision of others as potentially hostile.

Silent or public humiliating experiences - This corrodes or distorts the self that is being developed.

Critical relatives - Some families have a very critical culture. This posture can be veiled or open, direct (towards itself) or indirect (towards outsiders).

Shaming family problems - It is common for children and teenagers to feel ashamed, for instance, while their parents are separating. This can be overcome in a short time or may linger as a form of self-depreciation. Family problems of other natures can also cause this damage.

Unaffectionate, cold families - In some families the members do not express their feeling or do so very seldom, especially tender loving care and joy for the accomplishment of their members. Tis can contribute indirectly to Shyness, insofar it does not help develop a personal perception of one's capacity for accomplishment or feeling of being esteemed and respected by others.

Experiences such as these develop perceptions of the self as fragile and subject to criticism from others.

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