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"In this fascinating story, all the secrets of a life are laid bare one by one."

The Saga of a Shy Fellow

����������������������By Ruy Miranda, Psychiastrist, Psychotherapist,
                  a former University Professor of Psychotherapy.

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The Saga of a Shy Fellow

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"In this fascinating story, all the secrets of a life are laid bare one by one. For the shy and / or anguished person (no reader will remain indifferent), it is illuminating. An action-packed book from start to finish. A life lesson in a moving, live narrative." -
Drummond Amorim, Novelist

You will enjoy this psychological suspense

-- Did he fight against the invisible foe?
-- Why did he need to fight against it?
-- How did he fight?

Printed version, VBW $14.95

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Ebook version (Acrobat Reader) from Clickbank - $5.00
-- Why did he become a shy child?
-- Why did he live so quietly and discreetly with so many feelings and emotions?
Be taken in by suspense and find the answers!

Upon learning that he has but one more year to live, Joman, the main character, decides to face the challenge of overcoming his Shyness. He longs to fulfill his dream of being truly free to enjoy contact with others without fear. However, to do this, he must return to his hometown and relive the agonizing experiences that beat him down in the first place. He must do the very things he ran away from, such as declare a pre-adolescent infatuation and confront the people who tormented and humiliated him. He then quits his job as a diamond dealer and embarks on a new, transformational mission, leaving his worried family behind.

This return to the past unleashes a series of unexpected events. He wants to make his dream come true he goes off in search of the people who humiliated and bullied him during childhood and adolescence, many of whom live in other towns. After a succession of dramatic�and at the same time comical�confrontations, he finds himself face-to-face with a personal drama, involving information about the life of his immigrant father. A profound, sometimes disturbing, exploration of his innermost self triggers personal transformations that change his way of looking at the world and culminates in a well-crafted scene, symbolizing his freedom, at the end of an unforgettable community dance.

This story starts in the 1930’s and ends in the 1960’s.

Printed Version Details

Paperback: 296 pages
ISBN: 1589396855
Product Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 0.7 inches
Shipping Weight: 15.4 ounces.

Take a look at the excerpts on line.
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