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Social Anxiety: What is it? Do I have it? Diagnosing
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Social Anxiety Disorder

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How Does Social Phobia / Anxiety Evolve?

If untreated, it is difficult for Social Phobia to disappear. Its tendency is to increase the degree of anxiety, to extend to other situations and, after some years, to stabilize in view of social isolation.

Social Anxiety Disorder generally starts in late adolescence, following Shyness which may have had its onset in childhood. Oftentimes, the adult can recall her childhood spontaneity and when Shyness set in.

It is common for Social Anxiety Disorder symptoms to start appearing after an unpleasant experience. Unpleasantness is not necessarily connected to objective elements in a situation, but to how that situation is perceived by a person. For instance, if a shy teenage boy, in a group of age peers from both sexes, hears from someone that "you're lousy to talk to" and, at the same time, sees other boys shooting the breeze lively among themselves and with the girls, he may feel deeply humiliated, realize how far he is from his social ambition and see much meanness in the remark he just heard. This experience could lead to deep bitterness for days on end. For the rest of his life, he may recall this day as a watershed. As a resulot of a bad experience such as this, the symptoms may start slowly appearing.

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