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Social Anxiety: What is it? Do I have it? Diagnosing
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Social Anxiety Disorder

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Causes of Social Phobia

There is a certain consensus among psychotherapist that the causes of Social Phobia are situated in the individual's life experiences. However, there is disagreement in their reading of such experiences. Next, we will discuss the topics most pointed to as causes. They display some contradictions, and include causes outside life experiences.

-- The self is made fragile by certain life experiences.
-- One learns to respond with anxiety to social performance situations.
-- False belief is developed about oneself, the world or other persons.
-- Very low self-esteem.
-- Learning to respond with anxiety to performance social situations.
-- In addition to many negative concept about oneself, a feeling of personal potentially aggressive .
-- Ill-resolved relationship with father and/or mother in the first years of life.
-- Personal barriers precluding expression of natural personal-growth forces.
-- Genetic factors.
-- Reduced learning of social skills.
-- Defects in the neurotransmitter bring about alarm reactions in social performance situations.

Therefore, there is a wide-ranging group of causes. It is important for some sectors to know the causes of disorder because this knowledge will make changes possible. For others, knowing the causes is not necessary; in order to change, it suffices that the individual or organism learn other responses different from anxiety in social performance situations.

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