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Shyness: What is it? Do I have it? Diagnosing FAQ Find Help Test Your Knowledge Speaking with a Pro
Social Anxiety: What is it? Do I have it? Diagnosing
FAQ Find Help Test Your Knowledge Speaking with a Pro

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Who is the Owner?

Ruy Miranda, the owner of this website, is a Physician who was born in Tumiritinga, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, South America, on 06/30/1940. He's been married to the Psychologist Heloisa de Resende Pires Miranda since 1966. They have two sons and two daughters. He obtained his doctorate in Psychiatry in 1965. In the same year, he was co-founder of the Medical Psychology discipline of Federal University of Minas Gerais College of Medicine in Belo Horizonte. Other activities he practices or has practiced:
-- established, in 1967, the Psychotherapeutic Theories and Techniques discipline within the Psychology course of the same University, which he directed and taught until 1974;
-- founded, in 1969, the Psychotherapy and Counseling Institute, a private profit-making institution which assists children, adolescents, and adults;
-- taught Chemistry, at the end of adolescence, at high school;
-- directed a public Psychiatric Hospital;
-- has provided, since 1965, clinical Psychotherapy services to adults;
-- is self-taught in the use of computer technology and has designed, constructed and optimized this website by himself;
-- published, besides scientific papers, three novels: The Saga of a Shy Fellow, Bible Quotes in Crystal Land and Capitu, Capitu... ;
-- is also a former farmer and raised beef cattle.

He is the author of the web site, and has provided services, as freelancer, on search engine optimization.

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